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The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert

Out On 19th March – Now In DVD/CD Format – Pre-Sale Link

Due to popular demand, The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert, which will be released on 19th March 2021, has added the DVD format to its roster. The concert will now be available in both the DVD Digipak format and also in a Hi-Def downloadable version, playable on any device, both accompanied by a bonus audio version of the concert.

To be released on Cherry Red Records, this official 4-disc set (2CD/2DVD) brings you the historical 2016 tribute show in Los Angeles featuring a once-in-a-lifetime line-up of musical luminaries performing music from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Nice, Emerson, Lake & Powell, The Keith Emerson Band and the Three Fates Project.

The 2 1/2 – hour concert film features many stellar performances by over two dozen prominent artists in rock, jazz and classical music as well as artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, tribute speeches, and a gallery of personal never-before-seen photos from the Emerson estate.

This highly anticipated concert captures the essence of what made Keith Emerson a pioneer of prog rock, a treasure among his many fans and friends, and a legendary keyboardist and composer with the iconic supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

“Performing ‘Tarkus’ at the Keith Emerson Tribute event was incredibly meaningful. It was truly an amazing night. Having the opportunity to pay my respects to the man who changed my life by playing my favourite piece of music with incredible musicians, made it a memory that will never be forgotten. I’m so thrilled that this incredible evening of music is now going to be shared with the world.” – Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)

“It’s difficult to express what an honour it was to participate in this tribute to Keith. Surrounded by friends and heroes, it was such a privilege to be part of a group of musicians who were as affected by Keith’s life, music and friendships I was. Not surprisingly there’s a lot of us. To play Hammond on The Barbarian, the first song I ever saw him play live, is a cherished memory I’ll never forget. Many thanks to Marc and Mari for keeping this idea and dream alive.” – Steve Porcaro (Toto)


The Keith Emerson Band (Marc Bonilla – Gregg Bissonette – Jonathan Sindelman – Mike Wallace – Joe Travers – Mick Mahan – Travis Davis – Troy Luccketta)

With Eddie Jobson – Jordan Rudess – Brian Auger – Steve Porcaro – Philippe Saisse – Rachel Flowers – CJVanston – Jeff “Skunk” Baxter – Steve Lukather – Vinnie Colaiuta – Terje Mikkelsen – Rick Livingstone – Kae Matsumoto – Michael Fitzpatrick

  1. PRELUDE TO A HOPE (Featuring Kae Matsumoto)

  2. KARN EVIL 9 (1ST IMPRESSION, PT.2) (Featuring Jonathan Sindelman & Gregg Bissonette)

  3. THE BARBARIAN (Featuring Steve Porcaro & Rachel Flowers)

  4. HOEDOWN (Ed Roth & Jeff “Skunk” Baxter)

  5. TOUCH AND GO (Featuring Steve Porcaro)

  6. A PLACE TO HIDE (Featuring Ed Roth & Steve Lukather)

  7. TRIBUTE TO KEITH (Featuring CJ Vanston & Michael Fitzpatrick)

  8. THE ENDLESS ENIGMA (Featuring Rachel Flowers & Troy Luccketta)

  9. TAKE A PEBBLE (Featuring CJ Vanston, Travis Davis & Gregg Bissonette)

  10. TANK (Featuring Joe Travers & Brian Auger)

  11. FANFARE FOR THE COMMON BLUE TURKEY (Featuring Brian Auger, Karma Auger & Dan Lutz)

  12. RIDE (Featuring Aaron Emerson)

  13. FROM THE BEGINNING (Featuring Philippe Saisse)

  14. BITCHES CRYSTAL (Featuring Eddie Jobson)

  15. NUTROCKER (Featuring Philippe Saisse)

  16. TARKUS (Featuring Jordan Rudess & Troy Luccketta)

  17. LUCKY MAN (Featuring Eddie Jobson, Steve Lukather & Rick Livingstone)

  18. GREAT GATES OF KIEV (Featuring Eddie Jobson)

  19. FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN (Featuring Eddie Jobson, Steve Lukather & Maestro Terje Mikkelsen)

  20. ARE YOU READY, EDDY? (Featuring CJ Vanston & Rick Livingstone)

All proceeds go to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation for the Leon Fleisher Foundation for Musicians with Dystonia. All of the artists, crew, and support personnel have kindly donated their skills and time gratis for this worthy cause, which afflicts thousands of musicians annually.

To pre-order click HERE.

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