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Mandoki Soulmates


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This is Leslie Mandoki's vision of bringing progressive jazz-rock back to socio-political relevance with the Soulmates. “The Soulmates are not a bunch of stars phoning in global hits, we are a fresh band full of creative drive,” says Mandoki. For him, music has always been an expression of freedom. His musical vision of freedom is in the unity of form and content, remaining true to his own values, not allowing himself to be bent by genre constraints and zeitgeist trends, and taking a stand on socio-political changes with intellectual, poetic lyrics. It’s Art (with a capital “A”) as a thorn in the side of society.


Leslie Mandoki and his Soulmates never tire of raising their voices, even after more than 30 years. On the contrary, these “Old Rebels” are louder than ever and, amazingly, keep getting better and better, like a good wine. "With the strength of our thirty years together and the energy and verve of our teenage dreams, we fully expect to play many more concerts with our musical hallmarks of much improvisation, virtuosic playing, and celebrating with our audience."

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