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Ian Gillan Solo Release – “Gillan’s Inn” On DualDisc

Ian Gillan has taken time out from his work with Deep Purple to celebrate his fortieth year as a touring musician with some very special guests and the result is GILLAN’S INN, a brilliant album of remakes spanning his entire career, to be released on 17th April by immergent/5.1 Entertainment.

There is no doubt that Ian Gillan is one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time, if not the greatest. Pavarotti said Gillan is a genius, and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour said that as long as Gillan is breathing, then rock and roll is still alive.

From the first glance, any listener will know they’re in for a party inside Gillan’s Inn. In fact, if the title symbolizes anything it’s the roving celebration of life and music that Gillan’s professional life his been. Gillan’s Inn is simply wherever he may be.

Inside lies a devastatingly enjoyable DualDisc featuring 13 stunning remakes of classic tracks spanning Gillan’s entire career - plus one new song - with a simply amazing group of special guests. On the ‘flip-side’ (haven’t heard that in a while) you get an extremely rich DVD featuring a full 5.1 surround-sound audio mix of the entire record, with some alternate solos, as well as ‘making of’ video from the sessions, hundreds of photos, Gillan commentary on the various songs on the record, and a “choose your own solo” section for Smoke on the Water, featuring different guitar players who contributed to the record.

Produced, engineered and mixed by the brilliant Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Tom Jones, The Police, Nazareth, Cat Stevens, among many others), this record was recorded in Surrey, UK; Buffalo, New York; Toronto, Canada; San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Austin Texas, and points elsewhere.

Step in to Gillan’s Inn and you’ll be there for quite a while, with an ear-to-ear grin, and you’ll have it cranked up so loud you won’t hear the neighbours banging on the walls. Gillan’s Inn must be heard!!!!!!!!!!

On the menu at Gillan’s Inn:

1. Unchain Your Brain

2. Bluesy Blue Sea

3. Day Late N A Dollar Short

4. Hang Me Out To Dry

5. Men Of War

6. When a Blind Man Cries

7. Sugar Plum

8. Trashed

9. No Worries

10. Smoke on the Water

11. No Laughing In Heaven

12. Speed King

13. Loving On Borrowed Time

14. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Demon’s Eye (DVD side only)

Can I Get A Witness (ROM/Launcher only)

Gillan’s Inn features contributions from Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi on Trashed (from Born Again), with Deep Purple’s Roger Glover and Ian Paice (that’s right, it’s kind of a Deep Sabbath track now); Joe Satriani; Jeff Healey with Jon Lord on When a Blind Man Cries, Demon’s Eye, and Smoke on the Water; Cliff Bennett; ex-Scorpion Uli Jon Roth; Joe Elliott from Def Leppard; Don Airey; Mickey Lee Soule; Steve Morse, and many others.

Ian Gillan is rock royalty, and has become an erudite elder statesman of the genre. He was the original Jesus Christ Superstar and – with Deep Purple – he co-wrote and sang Smoke on the Water (one of the most popular songs of all time) among dozens of other hits. He’s always made music for music’s sake, not to appease critics, the industry or anyone else; to quote the man…’It’s important to step off the highway sometimes and take the scenic route.’ Music is not fashion for Gillan; it’s his life. He has played to tens of millions of fans, and sold over one hundred million records, and to this day approaches writing, recording and touring with the zeal, passion and commitment of an eighteen year old.

Gillan IS the voice of rock and roll, and has inspired generations of singers, and probably indirectly caused hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets. He’s an author, a songwriter and a philosopher with a wicked sense of humour and a bit of the devil in his eye. And most of all, he’s got a seasoned impassioned voice and lyrical sense still better than any in rock and roll after forty years of giving it his all.

Ian is currently on the ‘Rapture of the Deep World Tour’ with Deep Purple. He will stopping off en-route at Gillan’s Inn for some refreshment and the occasional solo performance.

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