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Chris De Burgh Releases First Acoustic Album

“Home” On 8th October

UK Release Date: Monday 8th October 2012

Ferryman Productions through Proper Records – Catalogue No: Ferry777

Chris de Burgh announces the release of his first acoustic record, Home, a personal selection of 14 songs spanning his 38 year career, all stripped back to their core to reveal the essence and soul of his song-writing.

Far from being a greatest hits, Home will be a revelation for many: Chris has revisited gems that many might have missed the first time around, songs he felt would benefit from the ‘unplugged’ treatment. “As I look back across my career – he explains – there are certain songs that I felt were very personal and which I would have liked to have done in a different way. It was a great opportunity to strip these songs back to the way they were originally written and look at them in hindsight, which is something you rarely get an opportunity to do”.

As the title hints, Home was recorded in Chris’ own studio in his house in Enniskerry, Ireland, during an exceptionally stormy June, setting the ideal atmosphere for this deep insight into the artist’s career. With over 50 million albums sold, this was a very special experience for de Burgh: “I very much enjoyed the recording of Home, especially in the more intimate environment of working with just one or two musicians and my producer at any given time. It’s certainly something I’d look at again in the future”.

Chris is already working on an album of new material to be released next year. In the meantime, discover the songs you might have missed and find a new dimension in those you cherished; get the true essence of Chris De Burgh; get Home.

Full Tracklisting for Home Waiting For The Hurricane:

1. Tender Hands 2. Fatal Hesitation 3. Love & Time 4. Sailor 5. Living On The Island 6. It’s Such A Long Way Home 7. Where We Will Be Going 8. Forevermore 9. Fire On The Water 10. Suddenly Love 11. I Will 12. I’m Not Scared Anymore 13. Goodnight

Home – an acoustic album. The pure essence of Chris de Burgh, singer/songwriter.

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