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Cherry Red Records And Esoteric Recordings

Announce Vangelis Re-Issues

Cherry Red Records and their imprint Esoteric Recordings are extremely proud to announce the release of newly re-mastered and sonically enhanced editions of the albums recorded for the RCA and ARISTA labels by the legendary composer and electronic music visionary VANGELIS.

All of these reissues come in deluxe digi-pack designs, with new masters personally supervised by VANGELIS. The albums “Heaven & Hell”, “Albedo 0.39”, “Spiral” and “Beaubourg” were all ground-breaking works created between 1975 and 1978 (released on the RCA label) which saw Vangelis explore expansive electronic, choral and ambient music on a breath-taking aural canvas. In the late 1980s, VANGELIS pushed boundaries still further with the album “Direct”, (released in 1987 by Arista Records), on which he devised a unique method of composing and recording, relying on spontaneity, with the compositional and recording process occurring simultaneously in the studio with few (if any) overdubs taking place.

In 1991 he released the final collaborative album to date with vocalist JON ANDERSON, the highly acclaimed “Page of Life”. These Esoteric Recordings releases have been newly re-mastered and sonically enhanced under the supervision and full approval of VANGELIS himself and are the definitive statement on key moments in the career of a true master of his art. The reissue of “Spiral” includes the rare bonus track “To the Unknown Man (II)” (previously unreleased on CD) and “Page of Life” includes the rare bonus track “Sing With Your Eyes”.

All titles are released on Monday 25th November 2013 in Deluxe Digi-pack editions.

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