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Tangerine Dream


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A legendary instrumental prog rock band characterised by the use of high-end modern technology next to a strong rock’n’roll identity and the pioneers of Krautrock, Tangerine Dream are hard to pigeonhole into any music category. Many have unsuccessfully tried to emulate their trademark sound, but no one could quite nail the secret ingredient of their unique recipe; the way musical layers are structured and finely glued together results in an indescribable musical experience which has always kept them one step ahead of any fashionable trend. 

Tangerine Dream have released over 150 albums to date, they have also written scores for several Award winning Hollywood Movies including the Tom Cruise classic, ‘Risky Business’; Katherine Bigelow’s ‘Near Dark’ and ‘Firestarter’ which debuts Drew Barrymore.

Edgar Froese founded Tangerine Dream in autumn 1967 – a prolific period for music worldwide – with a vision to discover new sounds and musical techniques. After more than 40 years and several line-up changes, Edgar is still provocative and challenging in his unique philosophical music universe. A man of few words but with a wry sense of humour, he has shown that music can often reach where words don’t.

At a time when electronic instruments were widely misunderstood and an independent music industry was virtually non-existent, Tangerine Dream were the pioneers of a range of new sounds, effects and production techniques. Phaedra, their biggest album, was released in 1974 and went gold in 14 countries, it featured the MOOG modular system as the main sequencing module and is still considered a cornerstone for modern contemporary electronic sounds and sequences. Tangerine Dream have earned themselves the title ‘The Pioneers of Modern Sound.’ 

Tangerine Dreams’ reputation, experience and professionalism, together with their record sales, has gained them the freedom to continue challenging traditional platforms and their live shows are unmissable.

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