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The Cage Is Open! Lionsex Release Debut Album

Take a Leppard, two lions – a cougar and a cat called Jakk… some roar rock and roll… and you have LIONSEX !!!! Get ready to go wild with LionSex’s debut album ‘Get It’, in all record stores and digital outlets on Roar Power/Universal on 21st November! Jef Leppard, JJ Lyons, Davy Lyonz, Matt Von Kouga and Jakk Vanity have been grinding their nails to leave no one unscathed.

Preceded by single ‘Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy’, unleashed to the world on 31st October, ‘Get It’ (out on 21st November) brings the Milton Keynes four-piece to everyone’s attention; LionSex blend the sound and attitude of classics from Marilyn Manson and 69 Eyes to Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue, with more than a hint of Pearl Jam and a vibrant modern edge, to make them a new reality to be reckoned with on the throbbing UK scene.

‘Get It’ was recorded in Wales with producer/engineer Matthew Bond and mixed at Nott-in-Pill Studios in Newport by Jeff Rose and Martin ‘Ginge’ Ford. With Bullet for my Valentine’s first three albums and modern classics like Trivium and Skindred under their belt, this top team has brought LionSex’ sleazy Stadium Rock alive.

LionSex have been taking their decadent rock ‘n’ roll across the UK and beyond, building a growing fan base thanks to their unforgettable live shows and their down-to-Earth, fun loving attitude. Unafraid to mesh their Seattle sound with Sunset Strip make-up and hairdos, Leppard & Co. are ready to be crowned Kings of the jungle by sticking to play what they like and being who they are, no boundaries

Join them for the ride, and pre-order your copy of ‘Get It’ now – Roar like a beast… Everyone deserves a bit of LionSex

Tracklist as follows:

  1. Get It

  2. M.I.A.

  3. Too Good

  4. Smokin’ Out The Neighbourhood

  5. Nobody said it was gonna be easy

  6. Midnight

  7. Rip-off Britain

  8. Used to be

  9. Rocket 2 Ur Heart

  10. Bringing back the Heartache

The band will be announcing a UK tour for December shortly.

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