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Slam Cartel Single Release And Show Announcement

“Slam Cartel have produced a debut that does a great job of referencing rock history whilst being progressive at the same time. There should be more than a handful of dreams coming true on the back of this.” – Powerplay

Following their much praised debut album Handful of Dreams, Slam Cartel are about to release a new single from the record, guitar-driven opener ‘Wishing Eye’, on 13th March. Three days later, on Friday 16th, the band will mark the release with a prestigious slot at the sold out Hammerfest IV in Prestatyn, Wales.

Can you imagine what Joy Division would have sounded like if they were born and bred in Seattle? Here’s your answer, filled with hooks to conquer all radio waves and riffs to convince every rock fan.

It’s been said that, “It’s the sort of music you can strip to, They sound like Heaven, They feel like God’s burning a hole into your heart, They play like demons, and They sure smell like Rock ‘n’ Roll….”

Handful Of Dreams, is produced by George de Angelis (who, as Trevor Horn’s right hand man for many years, worked with Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Pet Shop Boys) and was recorded at his Soniczoo Studios. Packed full of demon hooks, coruscating riffs, boss grooves, and rousing choruses, if the overall sound is somewhat reminiscent of legendary rock outfit, The Cult, you can also hear the shards and splinters of grandstanding influences, the Chilli Peppers, Guns n Roses and the Foo Fighters.

Slam Cartel are Giles Van Lane (vocals), Marc Neudeck (bass), Tommy Hendriksen (guitar), Steve Campkin (drums), Adam Lee (keyboards, guitars) and principal songwriter, Terence Warville (guitar)

Wishing Eye will be released on 13th March through all digital platforms.

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