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Lionsex Unleash Single “Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy”

They’ve got it all: ‘70s attitude a-la New York Dolls, ‘80s fashion sense a-la Motley Crue and that stadium rock sound resounding all over the ‘90s thanks to the likes of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, all wrapped together in a twister of energy ready to conquer today’s rock’n’roll scene. Ladies and gentleman lock up your daughters and backcomb your hair ready to welcome Lionsex!

Hailing from Milton Keynes, Lionsex are Jef Leppard (Vocals), Jakk Vanity (Guitar), JJ Lyons (Guitar), Davy Lyonz (Bass) and Matt Von Kouga (Drums). They compare themselves to Marmite – you either love them or hate them – and could tell you everything about eyeliner and Leather, but – as Nikki Sixx would say – that doesn’t mean they can’t kick your ass, and for sure their music will do just that. They cite among their influences Def Leppard, Maiden, Deep Purple, Motorhead, the Stones and the Pistols, for that typical, classic, Jagger/Rotten-esque lip curling dirty British rock’n’roll flavour.

While waiting for their debut album, recorded with producer/guitarist/songwriter Matt Bond (Bullet For My Valentine), and mixed by Jeff Rose and Martin Ford (Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Dirge Within), treat yourself to Lionsex’s new single ‘Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy’, out worldwide on 31st October through Roar Power Records; a treat for all those who, in between some Avenged Sevenfold and a bit of 69 Eyes, still need a fix of Pearl Jam – even in a Marilyn Manson costume.

The Seattle sound makes a comeback, minus the knitwear and with a touch of sleaze, and this time it’s gonna smoke up the neighbourhood…


Single: ‘Nobody Said It Was Gonna Be Easy’ out worldwide on 31st October Through Roar Power Records/Distributed by Right Track/Universal Music Operations

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