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The Moody Blues’ John Lodge

Announces The Release Of His Version Of

The Moody Blues Classic Album

‘Days Of Future Passed – My Sojourn’

John Lodge; Photo credit: Inga Lodge

“’Days Of Future Passed – My Sojourn’ – is still a Magical listen, and it’s touching to hear the late Graeme Edge deliver his mystical poetry, like an ancient West Midlands oracle”

PROG MAGAZINE September 2023

JOHN LODGE, legendary bass player, songwriter and vocalist of The Moody Blues has announced that following the phenomenal response to his USA July ‘Day of Future Passed’ tour, and the fans’ reaction to the studio recording of this album, ‘Days of Future Passed – My Sojourn’ will now be released in the UK on 22nd September. The album is released through Keeping the Faith Records and is distributed by Absolute. A special limited edition Red Gold 180g vinyl will follow on 24 November.

The album was recorded over the last year. It has grown from John’s current live show as he, and his 10,000 Light Years Band, lovingly recreate this classic album. The album features a special recording by the late Graeme Edge and performances by Jon Davison of YES. It is being released as part of John’s celebration of the album ‘that changed his life’, and with the hope that it will continue to introduce fans to the original iconic recording. The album’s orchestration is by John’s long-term collaborator, and great friend, Alan Hewitt.

Check out the video for ‘Peak Hour’ below:

The original album, released in 1967, came about when Decca were exploring stereo and full frequency sound and wanted the band to put the melodies of Dvorak’s New World Symphony to lyrics to make a ‘sampler’ album. However, the Moodies decided to follow their own path, and the result was the groundbreaking concept album that can be said to be the start of progressive rock. The original orchestration has been recreated by John and his band, and the end result is ‘absolutely essential’ for Moodies fans (Lee Zimmerman Goldmine).

The CD in Digipak will be available from Sept 22nd, and the vinyl will follow on Nov 24th. The cover features a poignant photograph of John and his wife, Kirsten, taken by his daughter-in-law, Inga Lodge. For John, this was an image that perfectly encapsulated the idea of past and future and what this album means to him.

“After my “Days of Future Passed” tours in Feb/Mar and July of this year, I was blown away by the reaction of everyone to my new concert and the fans response to my version of the album that changed my life. I’m delighted that we are now releasing this in the UK, and making it available to all. I am hoping that this will bring a new generation of listeners, that they may then rediscover the original recording, and the beautiful vocals of Mike Pinder, Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas and myself. I miss the Moodies, but I’m so grateful to the fans who have continued to support me, and give me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. I dedicate this album to Graeme, Justin, Mike and Ray, to Tony Clarke, and to all the fans that are with me on this “my sojourn” no matter when you joined…”

To pre-order the CD, 180g Red Gold Limited Edition vinyl or stream, click HERE.

Joining JOHN on the album is his 10,000 Light Years Band, comprised of long-term collaborator Alan Hewitt (Music Director and Keyboards, plus Orchestration) and Billy Ashbaugh (Drums) from the Moody Blues touring band, together with Duffy King (Guitars) and Jason Charboneau (Cello). Jon Davison of YES will also be joining him for his special renditions of “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon” plus the magical voice of Graeme Edge will be heard as he recites his poetry via a special recording.

John is currently working on new USA dates for 2024 and hopes to also bring this new show to the UK in 2024.

“November 2023 will be the 56th anniversary of 'Days of Future Passed’. It’s incredible to look back on this album that changed my life, and that still has so much impact today on so many, and I felt that it deserved celebrating, and so I began rehearsals in 2021/2022 to bring this celebration to life on stage. What was important to me was to make this concert another milestone in the history of ‘Days of Future Passed’, and so I asked Graeme if he would record his poetry, ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Late Lament’, to include in my concert. Graeme gave me his blessing and said, ‘John, Keep the Moody Blues music alive’. We had a fantastic time putting the show together, with Alan, Duffy, Billy and Jason, and Jon Davison, giving me so much support and helping bring my vision to life. After the final rehearsals for the concert, I realised I should capture this new moment in time, although a reflection of the past, forever, by going into the studio and recording the album, ‘Days of Future Passed – My Sojourn’.” Says John Lodge, July 2023


John Lodge is bass guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for the iconic Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2018 inductees, The Moody Blues. Songwriter of such mega Moody Blues hits from “Ride My See-Saw,” to “I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band),” “Isn’t Life Strange” and many more. Lodge has been performing and recording with The Moody Blues for more than five decades, selling in excess of 70 million albums, as well as releasing his three solo albums ‘Natural Avenue’, ’10,000 Light Years Ago’ and ‘B Yond’. Lodge has been voted one of the “10 most influential bass players on the planet,” and has been the recipient of many awards, including ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers), an Ivor Novello Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from Prog Magazine, to name just a few.

Pre-order the CD, 180g Red Gold Limited Edition vinyl or stream below:

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