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Harvey Lee

‘Backstage Pass’

Book To Be Published

On 14th February 2024

On 14th February 2024, Backstage Pass, the first book by seasoned music business veteran and tech executive Harvey Lee, will be published.

Backstage Pass is no ordinary book. Part autobiography, part tales from the music and tech world and part business motivational book, all told in a witty, fast-moving, seat-of-the-pants way.

It started with a dream of music. Who would have believed that catching AC/DC performing ‘Rock and Roll Ain`t Noise Pollution’ on Top of the Pops back in 1980 would trigger a series of seemingly unconnected events that would take Harvey Lee on the ride of his life, culminating in reaching the upper echelons of the corporate ladder?

How did a lad from Manchester, who left school at 15 with a poor school report and few qualifications, with a bleak future and little else other than a passion for Rock music, end up as a business leader at such illustrious companies as Virgin and Microsoft?

Backstage Pass tells the story of Harvey Lee`s journey from bassist in a fledgling Hair Metal band financed by working in a series of seemingly dead-end jobs to a chance opportunity to become a roadie for '60s veterans, Herman’s Hermits, including a tour of The States where he earned his spurs as a merchandise seller, sound engineer, tour manager and even for a brief moment, the bassist in Herman`s Hermits themselves! The multitude of opportunities to develop essential life skills that set him up for a successful career were earned here through hard work, willingness to adapt, help others and think outside of the box.

Faced with a series of apparent career-stopping obstacles and disappointments throughout his journey, Harvey Lee was able to turn these into opportunities and gain valuable skills along the way, including a stay in Sunderland to manage a local band that later yielded the current lead frontman of The Stranglers, while inadvertently getting The Stereophonics a recording contract. This could be the subject of a whole book in itself.

Meeting prominent music business personalities such as Trevor Horn, Mickie Most and Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke, not to mention a side hustle running an AC/DC fan site that led to a chance opportunity to solve a rather significant problem for the band themselves, all make for a thrilling, engaging read with the reader literally rooting for him along his journey which ultimately arrives as a senior executive in the tech sector with stop-offs along the way at Virgin and Xbox.

His creative way of solving problems is an inspiration to all who face similar obstacles and proves that life is not preordained, even where it may get off to a slow, uninspiring start.

By reading Backstage Pass,not only will you experience a rollercoaster ride of searing highs and crushing lows as Harvey Lee navigates his way through his life, but you will read tales of hope and opportunity that will inspire and motivate you through your career.

Life lessons are wrapped up in engaging tales within the music and tech businesses. Each chapter ends with a simple précis of key lessons in life and business that can be applied to everyday situations.

Backstage Pass is no ordinary business book, and no business book engages in quite the same way. Rock and Roll and business all in one very readable book,all fuelled by a love of AC/DC.

Four years to write. A lifetime in the making.

To pre-order the book go to

The book will be available worldwide and in the UK through Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwell’s and usual outlets.


Harvey Lee was born in Newcastle, raised in Manchester, and has spent 40 years working in the music and tech business with companies including Virgin and Microsoft. Based in London, he works worldwide as Vice President of Product Marketing at the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), leading the consulting business, teaching and mentoring the next generation of product marketers.

On the speaking circuit, Harvey’s recent talks have taken in San Francisco, London, Amsterdam and New York, and he regularly gets 500 registrations for each of his PMA webinars.

He currently lives in London with his family.

Official Website:

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