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Grammy Winner Imogen Heap

Chooses SupaPass As Home For Her Core Fans

On Subscription Streaming App

With A Very Different Model

Grammy Award winning artist Imogen Heap launches her subscription streaming channel on the newly launched streaming platform SupaPass to find and engage with her core fanbase. The channel will include a rich archive of music and videos, some of which have never been available before, alongside around 100 tracks of her existing music catalogue to stream on demand.

The simple new SupaPass model lets fans subscribe to Imogen Heap for £1 per month. In return, fans can stream around 100 tracks of Imogen Heap’s music in the app – including the ability to stream tracks both on and offline – plus access to videos, social media content and a VIP community, all in one place.

Heap is renowned for being at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation. She founded and developed the glove system with a growing team, to make music gesturally when interfacing with a computer for live music and visual performance (and was just awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Technology for it). Imogen is also the visionary behind Mycelia, an organisation working toward a sustainable music industry ecosystem. She has worked with countless and varied artists, most recently Taylor Swift, co-producing and co-writing ‘Clean’ on Swift’s record-breaking ‘1989’ album in 2014. Now Imogen Heap has just finished over two hours of music as the composer for the new West End play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” which opened in July 2016.

Imogen Heap’s fans will be known on SupaPass as “Heapsters” – this collective nickname, which had apparently already been entered into the Urban Dictionary by a fan, was adopted for her SupaPass subscribers by The Heapster herself during a Twitter chat with her fans. SupaPass will become Imogen Heap’s home for any passionate, loyal fan wishing to hang out with each other in this exclusive VIP community.

Starting today, Heapsters can enjoy a new daily release ‘making of’ film related to each song from the 2014 album ‘Sparks’. Currently this full set can only be seen by those few who purchased the deluxe boxset. Following these, the full length feature film about the ‘making of’ her album ‘Ellipse’, shot over 2.5 years by herself and friend Justine Pearsall, will be available to watch. The amazing films, included in the £1 subscription, are fascinating insights into Imogen Heap’s pioneering creativity and innovation.

Heapsters can also enjoy tracks that have never been made available elsewhere, alongside the rest of Imogen Heap’s catalogue of around 100 tracks. All for just £1 per month. Subscribing fans will have opportunities for VIP tickets and other occasions to meet Imogen in person. They will also have access to a deep archive of videos from throughout Imogen Heap’s career and hear what’s she’s up to via her candid style of vlogs that were so popular previously on YouTube.

Also, Fans will be able to support Imogen Heap with the monthly subscription. On SupaPass, up to 100% net revenue share goes to the artist and their rights holders.

SupaPass gives any artist, label or creator their own subscription streaming service, offering artists and labels a new model for monetising their music and social engagement online.

Record labels want to use SupaPass because the new streaming model re-establishes both the monetary and emotional link between artist and fan, lost on general streaming services. A key difference between SupaPass and most other streaming services is that on SupaPass, fans know their money is not split between thousands of artists but instead goes specifically to Imogen Heap and her rights holders.

Imogen Heap said: “I like the way SupaPass is trying to look at interesting new future ways to make a more sustainable ecosystem for musicians. My SupaPass Channel is the first place in the world to come and see just about all my videos and hear my music all in one place and support the art while you’re doing it! I’ll be chatting about projects and it’s a place to feel like home.

“For a long time I’ve felt fragmented as an artist online and as a result unable to fully engage with my core fanbase. I really miss the community you’d find on both mine and other artists’ websites pre the Myspace era. I don’t feel, as an artist, I have a cosy home on the internet.

“It makes total sense now in the era of streaming to blog and stay in touch with fans while in the same environment have the multimedia I’ve released commercially as a solo artist. With SupaPass I can still draw in all the social media comment I share and all this alongside a simple effective payment model for everyone. If people take to it, sign up and continue to support me on SupaPass, it really would open up so many possibilities!

“Also, for the first time ever on a service I’ve used, for the songs record labels are collecting on, I’ll be able to tell exactly how much I’m due at the end of each month and what to expect in return. That is a real breath of fresh air.

“Juliana is very aligned with my own hopes for a future sustainable music industry ecosystem and I look forward to collaborating more with her and all at SupaPass.”

Juliana Meyer, SupaPass CEO and founder continues: “Imogen Heap is an inspiration and has an incredible, supportive fan-base. Her creativity, innovation, and engagement makes SupaPass the perfect place to nurture and reward her loyal fans as part of her journey. We are excited to see all the different ways she is planning to use it.”

Fans and the public can watch a video of Imogen Heap talking about her new SupaPass channel:

Download the free app on iOS App Store HERE.

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