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Glitter Machine Return With

Brooding Version Of Ariana Grande Hit

GLITTER MACHINE will drop their third single God is a Woman, a cover of Ariana Grande’s hit released in 2018.

God Is a Woman is a brilliantly original take on Ariana Grande’s pop hit. Following on from their previous two hard rock singles, this track further showcases the complexity and versatility of Glitter Machine’s sound. The cover builds on Grande’s themes; it’s a sultry ode to strong women, with hints of sexuality and spirituality. The verses are interspersed with ethereal bridges that play on the imagery of a female deity. Listen HERE.

Glitter Machine say: “We loved the lyrical sentiment of Ariana Grande’s original and thought we could do a job on it, adding some guitars, but keeping the groove and feel of her track. We’re really happy how it’s turned out – it definitely shows a different side to us!’

The band launched their debut album, Hanging out for Fame in 2018; streams for the album are now numbered over 175,000, though the accompanying music videos have proven to be barn-stormingly popular, with the most viral ‘Take the Pain’ amassing over 850,000 views. The God is a Woman video is further evidence of the importance of visual story-telling to the band’s art and aesthetic. Watch it HERE.

When the band play live they showcase their excellent chemistry and musical proficiency – the band comprises of vocalist and guitarist John McKeown, bass player Rik Hornby, drummer Paul Stone and lead guitarist Dominic McGuiness. McKeown has previously toured Europe with The Stereophonics with his former band Hero, whilst McGuiness will be instantly recognisable with his staggering guitar work. Paul Stone found his niche in life, being a drummer who can make his own mark, and Rik Hornby is a sought-out bass player. With two music festivals booked already for 2020, and having performed live at The Lexington earlier this year, the band are no strangers to live performing.

Sighting influences from Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Phil Spector, Josh Homme and Neil Young, and having already caused a stir with Hanging Out For Fame, they will be ready to mix it all up again when they release their second album in the new year; a musical treat well worth waiting for.

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