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Chris Norman Announces

First Christmas Single Release In December

Former Smokie frontman Chris Norman has announced his first ever Christmas single ‘That’s Christmas’, out on 11th December. The festive tune follows the recent release of Norman’s latest solo album ‘Crossover’ in September.

The initial idea to make a Christmas single came from guitarist Geoff Carline so Chris and Geoff then wrote the song together. The video features Carline, ex Smokie drummer Pete Spencer and several close members of Chris’ family. Set in a cosy home scenario, it shows Chris decorating the tree with his younger daughter as guests start to arrive. The camera then moves outside: it’s a white Christmas, and some hungry homeless people freezing in the snow make a heartbreaking contrast with the generous feast at the Norman household. The feel-good story ends with the homeless joining the celebrations inside and singing carols with the family.

‘I just thought it’s about time I did a Christmas song as I’ve never really done one before and I think it has a feel good factor about it. I invited lots of family and friends to be part of the video and we had a lot of fun making it’ – says Chris, his tone already betraying a warm Christmas spirit. ‘I’m looking forward to it’s release, it would be fantastic if it’s played a lot over Christmas and becomes a hit. Christmas is a great time for me and I always spend it at home with my family, we enjoy a really traditional Christmas with all the trimmings’.

Family has always been a firm point in Chris’ life and career. He was only three when he walked on stage to join the finale line up for a show in which his parents were appearing. Four years later, he got his first guitar, and at 11 met Alan Silson and Terry Uttley – the future members of Smokie – at Grammar School. In 1973 Pete Spencer completed the line up. From 1975 Smokie dominated the charts in UK and various other countries.

He left Smokie in 1986 to pursue his solo career which was equally successful. The single Midnight Lady, featured in a popular German TV movie and became a massive hit throughout Europe, holding the number one spot in Germany for six weeks. Chris Norman continued to release countless hits – including stand-outs such as No Arms Can Ever Hold You (1988) and Amazing (2004) – making him one of the few artists on YouTube whose videos have exceeded 10 million views per clip.

Chris Norman’s latest release ‘Crossover’ is his most genre-defying and wide-ranging record yet. The band is currently touring Europe in support of the album.

Catalogue Numbers: CD – SOLO7 Download Album – SOLODB7

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