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Chris De Burgh “Moonfleet And Other Stories”

Chris de Burgh is the master of storytelling through song and he truly excels with “Moonfleet and Other Stories”, released on October 18th through Ferryman Productions.

Chris’s latest album has been inspired by the gripping 18th century tale of love and loss, set against a backdrop of smuggling in the coastal village of Moonfleet, Dorset. Written in 1898, such is the popularity of this story that it has already been adapted to film, two TV series, a stage and a radio play. Chris’s adaptation utilises all his musical skill, masterfully combining classical, folk and choral genres with his trademark ballads, pop and rock songs, and features a narrative which takes the listener on an emotion-filled journey, creating a “film in the mind”.

There are 19 brand new, original compositions on “Moonfleet and Other Stories”, six of which tell the ‘other stories’ of the title, covering such diverse subject matter as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the loss of innocence, a story by Oscar Wilde, a tale of war, a guardian angel and an eloquent musical statement on 2009 atrocity in Iran, a place with which Chris has a deep affinity.

Full Tracking Listing:

1The Moonfleet Overture

2“The Village Of Moonfleet…” (Narration)

3The Light On The Bay

4Have A Care

5“For Two Days And Nights…” (Narration)

6Go Where Your Heart Believes

7The Escape

8“And So It Was…” (Narration)

9The Days Of Our Age

10The Secret Of The Locket

11“With Heavy Heart…” (Narration)

12My Heart’s Surrender

13Treasure And Betrayal

14Moonfleet Bay

15The Storm

16Greater Love

17“In The Years That Followed…” (Narration)

18The Moonfleet Finale

Other stories

19Everywhere I Go

20The Nightingale

21One Life, One Love

22Why Mona Lisa Smiled

23Pure Joy

24People Of The World

Chris knew this project would be a huge challenge, but it’s one he relished, and is justifiably proud of the results, “It’s way beyond the most difficult challenge, musically, that I have ever had before. It was tremendously complex. But I will know that I have created something to be proud of – and I am very excited about transferring what I have done to the live stage, with all of the possibilities which that will allow.”

In April 2011 Chris will perform three very special UK shows featuring “Moonfleet & Other Stories”, details as follows:

April 15 Birmingham Symphony Hall £37.50 – £50.00

April 16 Birmingham Symphony Hall £37.50 – £50.00

April 18 London Royal Albert Hall £45.00 – £55.00

Tickets are available online: and are subject to booking fee.

With nearly 50 million world-wide albums sales and years of sell-out performances around the globe, Chris de Burgh has cemented himself as a true super star. He continues to delight his scores of fans with each new release and will undoubtedly to do so with “Moonfleet & Other Stories”. There will also be a special edition of the album made available, featuring the CD itself and the book that it is based on. For further information, contact Sharon Chevin at The Publicity Connection. The first single from “Moonfleet & Other Stories”, ‘Everywhere I Go’, will be released on Monday 11th October. Check out the video below:

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