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Alice Cooper’s Horror Loss

It’s a brave soul who would intentionally purloin Alice Cooper’s bag, let alone open it. But this week, some unsuspecting traveller may have had quite a shock.

Alice Cooper arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 on Tuesday afternoon 9th June, where one of his bags went astray. The shock rocker’s 22-inch dark grey Oakley rollerbag (with a black military faux buckles) has gone missing. It may have a ‘Trash Tours’ tag on it with a US phone number.

The bag contains hundreds of obscure horror movies on DVD and a laptop on which to watch them. While of no significant monetary value, Alice is understandably keen to recover his extensive horror collection.

An extensive search of both Terminal 5 and Heathrow's lost luggage facilities has not turned up the bag.

Anyone able to return Alice’s bag – with the contents intact – will receive 2 tickets and backstage passes to meet Alice at any one of the shows on Alice Cooper’s Theatre of Death tour, which comes to the UK in November/December.

Anyone with any information, please contact:

At least the bag didn’t contain Alice’s snake!!!

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