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Shalamar Release


On 19th July

American RnB group Shalamar who had numerous hit singles in the seventies and eighties, release a career spanning 3 CD set on 19th July, as part of the successful “Gold” series through Crimson Records, part of the Demon Music Group.

Formed in 1977, the group enjoyed a massive worldwide hit with a disco style Motown medley,Uptown Festivalwhich was the first of 24 US and UK hit singles, all of which are included in this 3 Disc 42 track set. 2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of the classic line up of Shalamar coming together when Howard Hewett joined Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley to perform and record.

The group enjoyed huge success with their Friendsalbum in 1982 going on to achieve platinum status. They also went on to release some of the biggest hits of the eighties including; Friends, I Owe You One, I Can Make You Feel Good, Night To Remember, There It Is andDead Giveaway. All of which are included in this three-disc set.



  1. Uptown Festival

  2. Ooo Baby Baby

  3. Take That to The Bank

  4. Stay Close To Love

  5. Leave It All Up To Love

  6. The Second Time Around

  7. Right in The Socket

  8. I Owe You One

  9. Let’s Find The Time For Love

  10. The Right Time For Us

  11. Full Of Fire

  12. Make That Move

  13. Work It Out

  14. This Is for The Lover In You

  15. Somewhere There’s A Love


  1. A Night To Remember

  2. Sweeter As The Days Go By

  3. Talk To Me

  4. Go For It

  5. I Can Make You Feel Good

  6. There It Is

  7. Help Me

  8. Friends

  9. I Don’t Wanna Be The Last To Know

  10. I Just Stopped By Because I Had To

  11. Dead Giveaway

  12. Disappearing Act

  13. Over And Over

  14. You Can Count on Me

  15. Right Here

  16. You’re The One For Me


  1. Dancing In the Sheets (12” Version)

  2. Deadline U.S.A (12” Version)

  3. Amnesia

  4. My Girl Loves Me (12” Version)

  5. Don’t Get Stopped In Beverly Hills (12” Version)

  6. Circumstantial Evidence (12” Version)

  7. Games (12” Version)

  8. I Want You (To Be My Plaything) (12” Version)


A Night To Remember (12” M+M Mix)

The Second Time Around (12” Disco Version)

Right in The Socket (12” Disco Version)

As with other high-profile releases in the series, Shalamar Goldwill be released on180g Heavyweight Gold Colour Vinyl. The ‘LP contains selected tracks from the 3CD set.

Shalamar – Gold LP

Side A

  1. A Night To Remember

  2. The Second Time Around

  3. Make That Move

  4. Sweeter As The Days Go By

  5. There It Is.

Side B

  1. Dead Giveaway (12” Version)

  2. I Can Make You Feel Good

  3. Take That To The Bank

The current line-up of Shalamar which includes Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Danieland Carolyn Griffey will be performing in the UK as part of their European tour this summer around the release. Shalamar are hugely popular in the UK and their song Night To Remember is frequently used in commercials on British TV giving the band an ongoing profile.

Shalamar Gold

Release Date – 19th July 2019

CD cat no: CRIMCD636 – Barcode: 654378063626 3 CD

LP cat no: DEMREC473 – Barcode: 5014797900196 – 180g Gold colour Vinyl LP

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