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Girlschool “Legacy”

The original all-female heavy rock band, Girlschool, release their latest album “Legacy” on 3rd November 2008 through SPV/Steamhammer/Wacken records.

Legacy mixes old-school classic rock with modern influences and celebrates the band’s 30-years of female powered heavy rock. To mark the milestone, some of Girlschool’s legendary rocking mates turned up and left their mark on the album, including Ronnie James Dio; Tony Iommi, Lemmy Kilmister & Phil Campbell (Motörhead); Fast Eddie Clarke (ex-Motörhead) and J.J. French & Eddie Ojeda (Twister Sister)


1Everything’s The Same 2From The Other Side 3I Spy (Girlschool Mix) 4Spend Spend Spend (feat. J.J. French – guitar solo) 5Whole New World (feat. Neil Murray – bass, Phil Campbell – lead guitar solo) 6Just Another Day (feat. Phil Campbell – guitar solo) 7Legend (feat. Neil Murray – bass) 8Still Waters 9Metropolis (feat. Fast Eddie Clarke – guitar solo) Motörhead cover 10Don`t Mess Around (feat. Eddie Ojeda – guitar solo) 11Zeitgeist 12Don’t Talk To Me (feat. Lemmy on bass, vocals and triangle) Bonus Tracks: 13I Spy(Dio/Iommi Mix) (feat. Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Tony Iommi – lead guitar) 14Emergency 15London

Girlschool is comprised of: Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, vocals; Enid Williams – bass, vocals; Denise Dufort – drums and Jackie Chambers – lead guitar

The ladies will be performing the following UK dates this year (and more to be announced):

29th November Blackburn North Bar £15.00

16th December London Astoria 2 £15.00

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